Supporting Maidenhead's 'Home of the Arts'

Supporting Maidenhead's 'Home of the Arts'

At Braxton, ‘Home’ is at the heart of everything we do, but we appreciate that this concept is about so much more than property.  

It’s also about community, and more specifically, those spaces and places which - through their ability to unite and inspire - can help to cultivate a sense of security and belonging in all who engage with them.

In Maidenhead, Norden Farm is one such place.

As the town’s official ‘home of the arts’, Norden Farm’s programme of events and workshops underpins much of the town’s vibrant culture and entertainment scene, with next month marking the occasion of their annual and highly popular Lantern Parade.

The event will be taking place in the town on 9th December, giving residents a chance to engage in the local community in a unique, fun and inspiring way. 

For more information on the event please click here, or for details on any of Braxtons’ services, call 01628 674234 or email