Selling your home - it needn't be a 'scary' process

Selling your home - it needn't be a 'scary' process

Selling a home is, by its very nature, a fairly scary prospect.

Not only are there invariably emotional hurdles to overcome, but also a raft of very real logistical, financial and administrative processes, the sum of which goes to explain why ‘moving home’ has earned the reputation as one of life’s most stressful events.

The extent to which this rings true, can depend on many and varied factors, all of which can and do impact every buyer differently. These include, but are not limited to, mortgage application status, conveyancing and also the length and complexity of the purchasing chain.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that one of the most commonly-asked questions by today's prospective home-sellers, is how best to approach the route to market, to maximise the chances of a timely and streamlined transaction.

As a general rule, there will always be wider factors to consider when gauging just how much interest a property is likely to receive in those first few crucial weeks on the open market. These include both the time of year, and how the economic climate is impacting buying power, for starters.

As well as this, and perhaps even more importantly, is how well the pricing and marketing strategy employed, are aligned with factors influencing market conditions. Getting this right largely comes down to the agent you choose to entrust with the sale of your home, which is why this is a decision not to be made lightly, or impulsively.

All too many agents do, unfortunately, have a habit of offering too-high valuations as a business-securing tool, and statistics show this can actually prove counterintuitive to the selling process, since by the time the price is ultimately (and inevitably) lowered to the 'correct' level, the key target market are already disengaged. This makes it important to be able to see through the spiel, when making your final selling-agent decision.

As one of Maidenhead’s longest established Independent estate agents, Braxton offer an informed, honest and pragmatic approach to valuing your home, which is backed up by comparative reports and extensive local market knowledge.

Their approach also avoids the ‘faceless’ call centres that have evolved into the more commercial property-selling framework, and instead ensures that the details and success of the transaction, remains firmly in the hands of a specific, dedicated High-Street-Based team.

The result, is a feeling of control and confidence in the property-selling experience, which while not to detract from the enormity of this most pivotal of life processes, does somehow make it seem just sightly less.. ‘scary.’

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