Behind the 'Period Premium': Why Victorian properties are surging in popularity

Behind the 'Period Premium': Why Victorian properties are surging in popularity

Period properties have long held a particular draw with UK homebuyers, with over a quarter of the British population currently living in Victorian-built homes (according to Historic England.) It's an enduring popularity that owes, in part, to the obvious visual appeal and charm that the architecture of this era is renowned for.

Beyond the aesthetics of high ceilings, large windows and character features, however, these homes also boast a particular durability - with their typically brick, stone and cast iron construction - which is unrivalled even by today's supposedly superior building standards. 

Teamed with the typically longer footprint and more practical layouts of these homes, it's possible to understand why period homes are currently endearing to a wider demographic of buyer than perhaps ever before.

What's driving the 'Period Premium'?

With more than one in five homes in the UK having been built before 1919 (according to the Office for National Statistics figures' for England and Wales), it would be easy to believe the portals would be awash with available options.

In reality, period properties are subject to such high demand, that there is a wide-margin for competition when it comes to securing the right property, at the right price. 

For this reason, Victorian homes tend to command a 5% premium above the average pound-per-square-ft value (£1,340,) and with consistently and predictably strong resale values, some would say they respresent a sound investment in today’s market.

Maidenhead, like many towns outside of London, has a good stock of properties hailing from this 'golden era' of architecture, with many of those coming to market already benefiting from the renovation and upkeep that the age arguably demands.

As an example, this recently-listed property on Powney Road comes not just with many period features, and an abundance of character and charm, but also two double bedrooms and a refitted kitchen opening into the dining area. 

It also has a modern gas boiler, replacement double glazing including Sash Style Windows, and is conveniently located within 0.9 Miles of the Mainline Railway Station (Elizabeth Line).

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